How to Get People to Like You (5)

How to Get People to Like You (5)

The Best Body Language for Building Rapport

Even if you do a lot of things right, you might still come across as untrustworthy.

You can create this impression if your words and your body language are misaligned.

Your words should be positive, free of ego and judgment — and your non-verbal body language must match this attitude.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your chin a little down. This way it does not look as if you are “looking down your nose” at your interlocutor.
  • Tilt your head slightly. This exposes your neck – a signal that you are relaxed and trust the other person.
  • Don’t face your counterpart fully frontal. This is a dominance move and come across as threatening. Stand at a slight angle to your target. (However, AS you approach or move towards a person, you should face them frontally in order to convey confidence and purpose.)
  • Keep your palms up – not down – as you’re talking. That says, “I hear you and am open to your ideas.” (When, however, you want to take control of an interaction, do the opposite!)
  • Lift your eyebrow(s) at appropriate moments or lift your chin as if in thought. Any upwards gesture is very open and comforting. Anything that is compressed: lips, eyebrows, chin conveys stress.
  • You must smile! A smile is a great way to create trust.

Smiles are powerful. They make an even bigger impact if you smile slowly.

Smiling makes us happier too. Yes, your body language is not only affected by your emotional state; it also influences your emotional state.

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