How to Get People to Like You (3)

How to Get People to Like You (3)

The Best Questions to Ask People

Ask about their challenges

Life can be hard for everyone. We all face challenges and we like to talk about them. So ask about them.

 “What kind of challenges…

…did you have at work this week?”

…do you face in your job?”

…do you have living where you live?”

Questions about challenges get people to share what their priorities in life are.

Ask for advice

One of the most potent ways to influence someone is to ask that person for advice.

Studies demonstrate that seeking advice is among the most effective ways to influence people. Advice seeking is more persuasive than pressuring or ingratiating oneself with people.

It is also more influential than trading favors.

Why does this work? Because it flatters his ego. You are complimenting that person’s wisdom or judgement.

But beware! Success with seeking advice depends on the target perceiving it as a sincere and authentic.

This “tactic” fails when you seek advice merely in order to gain influence. Remember, that person might ask later if you took his advice. If you did not, you will need to offer a good reason why.

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