My Book about Obstacles to Success

What’s Keeping You from Being Successful?

And What to Do About It – A Comprehensive Guide


You have goals. You’ve had them ever since you were a child and first imagined being an astronaut, airplane pilot or sports star. At some point, your goals became more serious, and you might have undertaken some steps towards achieving them. Yet, for some reason, you just have not made any real progress and you feel stuck with a dissatisfying life. Why?

The reason is your personal map of the world. The routes you are using are inaccurate or you have placed daunting obstacles in your path. Deceiving “knowledge”, limiting beliefs, misleading logic, thought control and how you deal with your memories and experiences are all leading you astray and holding you back.

You are your own worst enemy.

This book will reveal to you all those influences that are frustrating your progress to achieving your life’s goals – and what you can do about it!

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