Interview Mode

Interview Mode

To start a conversation or keep it alive, people often ask a series of questions.

This approach often resembles an interrogation.

The good thing is that if you are careful, your counterpart will give you a lot of information that you could use to deepen the conversation and lead a stimulating conversation!

The bad part, though, is that most people usually focus on finding common ground to in order to create a (superficial) bond, or they do not really pay attention to the opportunities the conversation partner offers, and instead ask questions about a series of non-related issues.

Unfortunately, these questions are often the same ones that the other person has answered countless times. For this reason, he turns on the “autopilot” and invests little in the conversation.

This kind of “conversation” is boring and leads to nothing.

Why do people do that?

  • It is easy,
  • It is acceptable, “normal”,
  • They do not know what other questions they might ask.

In another post I will give you tips for holding an interesting conversation!

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