The Power of Body Language

The Power of Body Language

Body language is the primeval type of communication.

It precedes the oral language and is not logical. It is nonverbal. It consists of

  1. Leg positions
  2. Arm positions and movements
  3. Hand positions and gestures
  4. Eyes and eye contact
  5. Facial expression
  6. Voice tone / intonation

The inner game of body language

Body language is both a mental and a physical process.


You have to be ready to go out of yourself.

If you are timid or shy, you will communicate this to the outside world.

If you do not FEEL and BELIEVE what you want to communicate, your mental state will take over your body and communicate that state.

Set yourself to overcome your current barriers to become what you want to be and communicate that!


Body language is also a survival tool.

When you feel threatened, you automatically become very attentive to everything that happens around you.

You feel how others stand and what they do with their hands (e.g.)

When you talk to someone who avoids eye contact, you become suspicious, though you may not be able to explain why.


As usual, your body language reflect what’s going on inside.

Whenever you have a conscious thought, the natural unconscious instinct is to reflect that in your body language.

So, you betray your mental state.

Your mental state

There are two ways to change your condition immediately.

  1. Pay attention to what your body does and change it.
  2. Change your focus – instead of focusing on the inner fear, focus on the 6 focus points (above).

So: take yourself out of your own head and place yourself into your body.

To be able to do all that, you have to give your body language a stable foundation.

Consider this as a kind of stage. (More about this soon!)

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