Brain-Body Interaction

Brain-Body Interaction

It is no secret that our body speaks a language, one that is usually stronger than spoken words.

A person with self-confidence also shows this with body language:

  • He stands like a confident person
  • He moves with confidence

It is equally true that an insecure person reveals his insecurity through his body.

So … your body also communicates your inner mental and emotional state.

But, did you know that the reverse is also true, that you can also influence your inner mental and emotional state with conscious postures?

You can strengthen your self-confidence with targeted postures and movements until confidence becomes a habit!

A simple example


If you consciously smile, you become happier and your attitude more positive!

Your brain responds to the impulses that the muscles around your mouth cause and connects the smile with the associated emotion!

This is because your brain is already used to expressing good emotions automatically with a real smile.

Important: the smile has to be real. A real smile can be seen in the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes. So, you can also tell if a person’s smile is real or just polite.

Try it! Smile for a while, then, while you’re smiling, try to think negatively …

You can‘t!

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